Tuesday, September 15, 2015

No Construction Without NoC In And Around Scantuary

No Construction Without NoC In And Around Scantuary
The Times Of India


AHMEDABAD: The notification issued by the Government of Gujarat notification to regulate illegal construction around the Gir, Girnar, Matiyala and Paniya sanctuaries has also banned erecting tents or tent shaped structures without the permission of the Chief Wildlife warden. 

Every year, in order to meet the tourist rush during the summer and Diwali vacations farmers construct tents to provide them accommodation, even for these prior permission will have to be taken. 

The notification was tabled in the Gujarat high court on Thursday and a further hearing will be held in August. A bench headed by Justice Jayant Patel had on June 25, refused to grant more time to the state government to finalize its policy after it failed to resolve contradictions in its existing provisions. 

The HC is hearing suo motu a PIL based on an anonymous complaint alleging mismanagement of eco-tourism in and around Gir wherein 128 establishments were found operating illegally. 

The notification issued on July 1 further states that only those resorts, guest houses and hotels that have permission will be allowed to operate in the area. Additionally, if a resort or guest house has any illegal construction, the same will have to be demolished. Even establishments who have more than the number of rooms approved under the home stay policy will have to demolish those rooms. 

No Construction Without NoC In And Around Scantuary

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