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Animal-loving celebrities turn to adoption

Animal-loving celebrities turn to adoption
The Times of India

Ever since the animal adoption scheme was introduced at the Chamarajendra Zoological in Mysore in 2001, a slew of animal-lovers, especially celebrities, have taken it upon themselves to make the lives of these captive creatures more comfortable.

The most recent additions to this evergrowing list are filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh, who adopted a white peacock for life, and cricketer Vinay Kumar, who's loosened his purse strings for an Asiatic lion.

When the filmmaker, who also runs a tabloid, announced that he was adopting a peacock for life, it did not take many by surprise, given that the logo of his publication features the national bird.

On his most recent visit to Mysore, the cricketer, accompanied by his wife Richa decided to adopt a lion called Darshan.

Sandalwood actor Darshan, who has a private zoo of sorts at his farm in Mysore, has adopted the tiger cub Manya and a baby elephant.

It's a Bengal tiger called Agasthya that caught the fancy of Indian cricket skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

As the vice chairman of the State Wildlife Board, the former cricketer decided to do his bit, when he paid for the upkeep of the Asiatic Lion Shankara and a giraffe calf.

Former Indian cricketer Rahul may not have been the fastest on the field, but he pays for the welfare of a very fast animal -the cheetah. Rahul has adopted not one, but two African cheetahs.

The former Kar nataka chief minis ter adopted a tiger called Amulya for a year, which he has been renewing year-on year.

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