Saturday, July 19, 2014

Project to provide second home to Gir lions gets stuck yet again

Project to provide second home to Gir lions gets stuck yet again
The Freepress Journal

The proposal of relocation of Gujarat Lions to Palpur Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary in Chambal has stuck once again.

Forest minister Gaurishankar Shejwar, replying to a question in the House on Thursday, said Supreme Court's technical committee, in its report, has pointed out that the area of the sanctuary area was insufficient for lions. Shejwar told the House that a plan to enhance sanctuary area has been prepared under which two villages namely, Baghcha and Jahangarh would be included in sanctuary area.

Shejwar said an amount of Rs 69 crore would be spent on the sanctuary. He said presently the government would spent Rs 30 crore and the same amount would be adjusted after getting funds from the Centre.

Shejwar said 24 villages were relocated initially and the remaining 2 villages would be relocated soon.

MLA Satyapal Singh Sikarwar alleged that as many as 1600 families have been relocated so far but none has been provided basic amenities. Shejwar, in his reply said the displaced families have been provided all facilities.

 He said delay has been caused in the matter as Gujarat government was reluctant to part with the lions and the matter was being dealt with by the Supreme Court.

 He further added that Lion project was launched in 1996 and a sum of Rs 49.07 crore has been spent on it. Shejwar also admitted that deadline of relocating Lions in Kuno could not be given as the matter is in the Supreme Court.

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