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Petition filed in SC against translocation

Petition filed in SC against translocation
Times of India

A Rajkot-based NGO Wildlife Conservation Trust – Rajkot has in a fresh petition moved the Supreme Court against the translocation of Lion to Kuno Palpur, Madhya Pradesh. The fresh petition demanded that the petition which is active in the conservation measures in the Gujarat state has tried to put forward several arguments before the expert committee formed by the order of the Supreme Court dated April 15 this year.

The petition submitted that the committee was bound by the directions given in the judgment and was not willing to hear any arguments against translocation.

The petitioner has also tried to raise a technical ground stating that the status of Asiatic Lion was not critically endangered but according to the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature Lion has been listed as endangered species.

The trust has also tried to base its petition on the behaviour of the lion. The petitioner talks of a small pride can be just one female and her cubs, the largest can number up to 40, but the norm is around .

Accordingly, to order translocation without considering that pride behavior may only act as a counterproductive to their survival, the petitioner argued.
The petitioner NGO, who has been in the Gir for fencing the well and also several conservation programmes has not dealt upon the traditional points of poaching and prey base and gun culture which were raised by the Gujarat government in its review petition and even during the course of the argument.

The petitioner organization in fact has tried to play around on the animal behaviour and even the fact that the court has been misguided on the issue of status of Lion. The petitioner demanded that the Apex court should consider that the under Wildlife Protection Act, 1935 the Chief Wildlife Warden, the state government and Central government are appropriate authority to decide on the translocation of the any species.

The petition also demanded that the court should direct that the recommendations of the National Board for Wildlife on matters relating totranslocation of any wild animal do not bind the Chief Wildlife Warden, the State Government and the Central Government. The petitioner also sought direction stating if translocation of any wild animal as defined in the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, can be undertaken without the specific approval of the state and can be overruled by anybody body.

The petitioner has stated that the status of Asiatic Lion was not critically endangered

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