Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lioness killing case: Two arrested

Lioness killing case: Two arrested
The Times of India

 The forest department of Gir (East) division of Junagadh Wildlife Circle have arrested two farmers in connection with the death of eight-year-old lioness's killing case.

The lioness was found dead in mysterious circumstances in a 35-ft-deep well in Fifad village of Savarkundla in Amreli district on November 22. The accused who were arrested are Mukesh Kachadiya and Bhimji Vaghela.

"The 50 bigha agricultural land was owned by one Ganesh Rangani, who now lives in Surat.Mukesh and Bhimji were cultivating the land and they laid the trap (fanslo) to trap animals like blue bulls and wild boars to save their crops from destruction. However, the lioness got trapped into the wire laid down around the farm and died. Later, both the accused dumped the lioness into the well to destroy the evidence and to show that it was an accidental death,'' a forest official said.

"From very beginning we were sure that it was not an accidental death. The accused tried to destroy the evidence and show it as an accident. However, they forgot to remove the edible oil tin from lioness's neck that led to suspicion that it was not an accident. Moreover, there was no chance of lioness falling into the well accidentally as the wall around the well is very high,'' the forest official said.

"We will produce both the accused before the local court seeking remand for further investigation. We suspect that there would be more persons involved in it. The lioness's weight would be around 150kg and two persons can't dump heavy animal into the well and we suspect that it is likely that they may have taken help of other persons as well. The investigation will unravel all such aspects,'' an investigation officer said.

This is the third such incident in last two months where lions were killed by farmers in Saurashtrato save their crops from blue bulls and wild boars.

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