Thursday, October 03, 2013

Gir sanctuary sees 10 cases of illegal hunting in last 3 yrs

Gir sanctuary sees 10 cases of illegal hunting in last 3 yrs
The Indian Express

In the Gir sanctuary, there have been 10 incidences of illegal wild animals huntings in which 27 persons have been caught during the last three years for killing the national bird - peacocks, chinkara and other animals living in the protected area. During the same period, 87 lions also died due to natural causes within the sanctuary, the Gujarat Legislative Assembly was told on Tuesday.

In a written reply to an unstarred question posed by Congress MLA Paresh Dhanani, the state government has stated that 10 cases of illegal hunting of chinkara, cheetal, peacocks and a three different kinds of birds were registered in which two people are yet to be arrested.

The government has stated that seven cases involving 24 people are in the courts, while in one case an advance recovery of Rs 26,500 has been made and the three of the accused have been freed.

In order to avoid such criminal activities in the sanctuary, the government has equipped the forest staff with revolvers, 12 bore gun, wireless and mobile sets, walkie-talkies, four-wheelers and motorcycles, the reply stated.

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