Monday, September 16, 2013

Gir a sanctuary for runaway couples too!

Gir a sanctuary for runaway couples too!
The Times of India

 So, you thought Gir is the only safe haven for Asiatic lions alone? Ask cupids and you will find out that the last abode of Asiatic lions is a safe sanctuary for runaway couples too!

A few weeks ago, Kajal (20) from Visnagar andRohan (22) from Mehsana (names changed) were roaming around Girnar Mountain in Girnar Wildlife sanctuary trying to find a safe haven for themselves after running away from their homes. Food had not been a problem as they could eat at one of the Annakshetras (free food centres) run by charitable trusts but they wanted a place where they could stay for a while. But the two were soon nabbed by a police patrol that found that they had run away to get married against the wishes of their families.

Girnar, the abode of Asiatic lion, is also becoming the final destination of youngsters who elope. City Patrol Team (CPT) of Junagadh policehas been regularly coming across such cases in Girnar. "So far, we have registered four cases against such couples in the last one year under provisions of Gujarat Police Act for indecent behaviour in public. We also caught 48 youngsters in the jungle in compromising positions," said Razak Bhatti of CPT.

Sources said that number of such cases is higher as police and forest officials do not register cases against the eloping youngsters but try to convince them to return home.

"In most of the cases, which we catch them as suspects, ask the girls about their age, parents and check their mobile numbers. We contact their parents and inform them about their daughter's whereabouts. If we register cases, it might prove to be an embarrassment for the parents and lead to bad results,'' said an official.

Sources said that the youngsters believe that once they land in Girnar, no one would be able to trace them. But, the vigilant cops and forest officials have been tracking down these couples regularly.

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