Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Lion that attacked guard, others dies

Lion that attacked guard, others dies
The Indian Express

A lion that went on the rampage and attacked three people inside the Girnar Sanctuary due to an alleged painful toothache died from as yet unknown causes after forest officials captured it for treatment.

A post mortem has been unable to identify the cause of death and viscera (internal organs) samples have been sent to veterinary facilities in Junagadh and Anand, a senior official said.

The lion, believed to be about 10 years old, was observed drinking water from a water-point Saturday morning by a forest guard in the northern part of Girnar sanctuary. The animal suddenly attacked the guard and injured him but retreated after an accompanying labourer shouted and advanced in order to shoo it away. The lion also damaged a forest department vehicle used for patrolling.

It later attacked two maldharis who were tending to their herd in another area, injuring both before the men's buffaloes rammed into the carnivore and chased it away.

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