Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Illegal lion show at Vadal Bid near Savarkundala

Illegal lion show at Vadal Bid near Savarkundala
Gujarat Samachar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

These days a mobile video clip showing a lion eating a cattle which is tied by its legs and pole is circulating in Savarkundla town. Forest department had received an application against one person alleging illegal lion shows. Department tried to catch the person but was unsuccessful.

Now a mobile clip circulating in the area has t forest department offials under pressure. The clip shows a lion trying to kill a calf tied by its leg and to the wooden post. Then a forest ike with two (so called) brave persons, who are not forest staff, with axe in hand try to scare lion away from the kill.

What should one conclude from this mobile clip? Are these kind of lion shows being done with the support of forest staff? This seriously needs and in-depth inquiry.

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