Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Five caught enjoying Wild Bour Feast


Five caught enjoying Wild Bour Feast

Gujarat Samachar

Briefly translated from Gujarati


Yesterday forest department caught five person feasting on Wild Bour meat at Ghughwana village of Dhari Taluka in Gir east. Ghughwana is in Kothariya round of Tulsishyam range.


Ram Bhana Bareya, Naran Ram, Sefa Vasram Dabhi, Nonthan Sardul Jadav and Manga Kana were cultivating land owned by Harji Kala. They used to lay trap using clutch – wire (of motor-bike) for catching Wild Boars, which they regularly feasted on. Culprits have been caught and sent to jail. Their bail application was rejected by the court.

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