Friday, June 13, 2008

Another helping hand for lion conservation


Another helping hand for lion conservation

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Ahmedabad: Lion conservation programme got yet another boost when the Lions Club International District pitched in to save the lions and to barricade the open wells, posing a major threat to the king of the jungle.

The meeting held on Sunday, saw a whelming support for the programme, when 51 individual members of the Lions Club decided to sponsor each well.

Kishore Kotecha of Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) said that the open well programme was taken up during the meeting. This was then taken up as a programme by the district governor Mona Sheth.

Sheth presented the open well programmes to presidents, secretaries and treasurers of various lion clubs and appealed them to actively take up the programme. Kotecha claimed that the biggest surprise was that as soon as she made the appeal, members started raising their hands and announced and funds for about 51 wells were committed on the spot.

Kotecha said the good news is that Rajkot Builders Association has committed to fund for barricading 33 open wells. He added that the target of forest department is to barricade 4,000 wells this year and 4,000 next year. Out of this WCT plans to cover 1,000 wells this year through such public participation. Due to open wells about 28 lions died after they fell in the wells Kotecha claimed that. Corporates had expressed their willingness to cover the open well which posed major threat to the lions. Officials said that there were nearly 9000 open wells which were to be covered with a parapet wall and government will contribute a share of Rs 4,000 per well.

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