Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wildlife Week Celebration at Rajkot

Wildlife Week Celebration at Rajkot

Wildlife Conservation Trust celebrated National Wildlife Week at Rajkot by organizing a Wildlife Exhibition and Essay Competition.

The exhibition was organised at Race Course Ground on 7th Oct 2007, Our aim of organizing exhibition was to bring wildlife conservation awareness amongst Rajkot public. This is the first time such an wildlife exhibition is organised at Rajkot. About 1500 visitors took benefit and they appreciated such an effort for the first time in Rajkot. On exhibits were wildlife paintings & photographs collections of Dipak Gajjar, Rahul Parekh and Isha Kotecha. We had also put Information Charts on illegal wildlife trade, snakes and Gir biodiversity. An interactive CD on “The Wings of Nature” was overwhelmingly participated by the visitors. And our TV Film corner, which displayed a film on Gir Lions, was always full with audience.

An Essay Competition, with ‘The Wildlife of Gujarat’ is also organised where in invitation to students of about 55 schools in Rajkot have been sent. Last date for submission is 15th Oct 2007. If need be you can use the information in future ZOOS PRINT.

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Bhushan said...

Some images of the exhibition and programme would make the news more interesting for the people like me who could not remain present. Congratulations and best wishes to WCT and all the three artists.

- Bhushan Pandya
Wildlife Photographer

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