Friday, August 03, 2007

2 lion cubs spotted in Amreli village


2 lion cubs spotted in Amreli village

Times Of India Ahmedabad Edition

Rajkot : Two lion cubs, separated from their pride, have been sighted near Chandgarh village of Amreli district. Some residents of the village, who saw the lion cubs said that the two appeared very weak.

According to Raningbhai Dhandhal, a member of Amreli taluka panchayat, a pride of five lions was living on the outskirts of Chandgarh village for the past few years. But in the recent floods, a lion and a lioness had drowned in Shetrunjay river leaving behind a lioness and two cubs.

The villagers have informed forest department officials about the cubs that were seen wandering around in search of food.Deputy conservator of forest J S Solanki said that forest beat guards were on the field to track the cubs. Once they are trapped, they will be treated by vets and then set free in jungle.

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