Friday, January 05, 2007

Asiatic Lion Electrocuted in Gir

Source: Gujarat Samachar Dtd. 5th Jan. 2007 (Translated from Gujarati)


One Asiatic lion was killed due to illegal electrical fencing surrounding the farm land in near Gir which has shocked wildlife lovers.  


A farmer Gabhru Solanki had put a electrified wire fence surrounding his farm with cotton crop. His land is situated at Charnya area at 1.5 Kms from Simmar Village in Jasadhar range near Una. One lion of about 8 – 9 years age died when came in contact of this fencing. The dead body of lion was sent for postmortem by forest department.

The owner of land has run away after the incident. Before this also many such accidents have take place where many lions have died. Still because of lack of appropriate preventive legal steps such accidents are occurring.


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Atul Singh Nischal said...


"Lion (Wild Asiatic Lion) electrocuted in Gir, case filed against farmer"

Sbte Husain Bukhari

Junagadh, January 5, 2007:

The carcass of a lion that died from electrocution was found from a cotton cultivation farm on Friday. A case has been registered against the farmer who had wired the area for drawing power illegally. The incident occurred at Charnyawadi area near Simar village which falls under Jashadhar forest range in Dhari division of Gir (east) forest. The accused farmer, who has been identified as Gabharu Solanki, is absconding.

According to official reports, local people informed the forest beat guard of Simar village about the carcass who immediately reached the spot and confirmed the incident. Later, when informed by beat guard, forest officials from Jashadhar range rushed to the spot and recover the carcass.

“The lion was about eight years old. Investigation revealed that the animal was electrocuted,” a forest official said.

Live electric wires were found from the place.

“Accused farmer had directly connected it with overhead electric lines so it’s a clear case of power theft too. To protect the cotton crop and to prevent animals from entering the agricultural land, the farmer had placed live wire fencing,” he added.

Deputy Conservator of Forest (Gir-east) S P Sisodiya said that post-mortem was conducted by panel doctor and it was confirmed that the animal was electrocuted which was the reason behind its death. He said a casewas registered against the accused, Gabharu Solanki, under the provision of Wild Life Protection Act 1972.


It is a Very Sad News indeed that Gujarat government is not doing enough to protect its wild Asiatic Lions.

Gujarat government has yet to expedite the transfer of 2 or 3 prides of wild Asiatic Lions to "Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary" in Madhya Pradesh which has been prepared as the Asiatic Lion's new habitat. The Gujarat state government(India) is giving absurd reasons for its reluctunce to send some wild Asiatic Lions out of its state borders to Kuno Wildlife Santuary in the neighbouring state of Madhya Pradesh (India) as it considers Asiatic Lions its state property and wants to retain its monopoly on the "Tourism revenue" the Lions generate for Gujarat.


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