Saturday, December 09, 2006

Increased Traffic upsets Gir's (Asiatic Lion's) Delicate Balance

Source: Times of India Ahmedabad Edition Dtd. 9-12-2006 By: Rajiv Shah


Gandhinagar: The Gujarat Government has finally acknowledged that the Gir WLS, the only home to the Asiatic Lion, is facing a major problem of human interference.


An internal report based on a recent State Wildlife Board Meeting, has said that the "steady flow of traffic along the Dhari-Una road passing through the sanctuary has risen over the years disturbing wildlife."


Pointing out that the Union Territory of Diu on the Saurashtra Coast is a hugely popular tourist spot due, the report says, to reach the destination, the people, “people are inspired to take the Dhari-Una road passing through the Gir Forest and Tulsishyam so that wildlife sightings can also be done.


IT adds, “The records maintained by the forest department show that four lakh people and one lakh vehicles pass this road per year in either direction.”


The report proposes to develop an interpretation centre for Rs.5 crore at Ambardi, in the midst of the sanctuary, but does not say how to stop people from passing through the Dhari-Una road, on which the Tulsishyam temple is situated. It is also silent on the Kankai temple, situated in the midst of the dense forest in Gir Protected Area, where nearly 600 people lunch on the weekdays.


A state transport bus and tens of diesel-run cars and jeeps which are banned, reach Kankai, where there is a dharmashala, goes up manifold on week ends and Sundays.

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