Sunday, November 26, 2006

Asiatic Lion enters the territory of Mota Dadwa village of Gondal Taluka

Source: Translation of Gujarati local news paper GUJARAT SAMACHAR Dt.26-11-2006


A lion was seen in farm houses of village of Mota Dadwa which is 27 Kms. away from Gondal. This has scarred local villagers. Yesterday this lion killed a cow in farm of Hamir Aalabhai and then through out the night kept roaring.


As per further details available, it was heard since three days that there is a lion nearby Dadwa village. Then this was confirmed as lion killed was seen and had killed a calf in the farm. Throughout the night this lion was moving in and around cotton fields and due to its loud roars villagers were scared and were awake whole night. Labours working in all the farms left their jobs incomplete and went away. Local authorities are being informed about the incidence.


Kishore Kotecha’s Note:

Although this incidence looks normal I have given it here because the place referred to i.e. Mota Dadwa village is very far from Gir forest. This is for the first time in last many decades that lion has strayed this far from its original home in Gir forest.

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